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Reiki in Downtown Edmonton

My mission is to balance the body, mind and nourish the soul. I strive to maintain a warm, comfortable relationship with clients to help them achieve their well-being and personal goals.”

What is Reiki?

water with ripples Reiki is Japanese medicine; it’s working with your body’s energy valves known as chakras. Over time these chakras become blocked with life experiences. Having blocked chakras lead to diseases and all sorts of mental and physical illnesses.

With reiki treatments you can unblock and clear all negative energy stored in your chakras. After treatments, clients feel renewed and full of beautiful, positive energy. With regular treatments body will restore to its natural being, in a healthy, natural way!

Our Reiki Treatments

  • Reiki - to ease the mind for patients suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia and emotional pain.
  • Reiki Balance - to restore and balance for clients going through chemotherapy, recovering from cancer, pregnancy and post partum.
  • Reiki release - to release pains and discomforts for patients recovering from accidents (car / sports) or illnesses.
  • Reiki for fertility - work with the body’s energies to help balance and prepare for pregnancy.
  • Goddess Reiki - to bring out the goddess in you! Self esteem therapy.
Downtown Edmonton Reiki practitioner

About Susan Salgado

As a graduate of the Canadian College of Massage & Wellness, Susana has the knowledge and experience to assess clients on an individual basis to help them achieve an improved state of balance within the body. Her programs and treatments are individually planned to meet the client’s personal needs.

Being passionate in her practice, Susana’s goal is to help clients achieve balance, peace and overall good heath, with healing starting within: Mind, Body and Soul.

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Downtown Edmonton Reiki
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